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Wang Lei Mai Yu Ge Trading Sdn. Bhd. is an international trading company which focuses on e-commerce by utilizing celebrity and influencers to conduct online sales via various platforms. The business is owned by Dylan Tan, a young and aspiring entrepreneur who is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the said company, Wang Lei Mai Yu Ge Trading Sdn. Bhd.

During the COVID-19 pandemic in year 2020, Wang Lei started selling seafood online. His initial intention was to help his friend who is a fisherman to build some sales, but to his surprise, the response was overwhelming during his first live broadcast. The result was out of his expectation. He became famous in just a short period. He sees the opportunity and came up with an idea to expand the business. He decided to pay his close friend, Dylan a visit, believing that they can collaborate to work out a great business plan with Dylan’s creative mindset.

Dylan felt optimistic with the Malaysian market, because ecommerce and online purchasing trend is quite matured, and drew up an idea to match several parties together into a supply chain, and formed Wang Lei Mai Yu Ge Trading Sdn Bhd, a company which markets mainly seafood as well as other goods and peripheral products through live broadcast on various social media platforms by harnessing the power of celebrity and social influencers.  


在2020年COVID-19疫情期间,王雷开始在线上销售海鲜,而他最初的目的是帮助一位受疫情影响的渔夫朋友销售出货。但是令王雷惊讶的是在他的第一场线上直播中反应热烈,并在短时间内成为全亚洲都在关注的直播天王- 卖鱼哥。 因此,卖鱼哥向他的好朋友陈宝,提出了扩大业务规模的想法。卖鱼哥认为经过陈宝的创意思维和出色的商业计划,必定成功。



1. A leading player in food industry in Malaysia


2. The dominant food supplier regionally, known for our professionalism & quality customer services


3. A good employer to our employees where every individual’s contribution is valued and rewarded